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With a simple flick, you can send a photo from your phone to any Android, iPhone, or Windows Phones around you!

Instantly transfer that wicked pic you snap at the bar to your friends, or let that new friend send you the group photo they made everyone pose for.

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Using flick+share is easy-peasy!

1. Choose photo to send

Step 1

2. Flick photo to edge to send

Step 2
3. Phones near you receive it!

Step 3

What others are saying about flick+share:

"...neat way of instantly sending photos to people without emailing them... I think it's a great app to have...I recommend giving it a shot!"

- Daniel Rubino/George Ponder of WPCentral

"Can be quite handy if your mates use WP7 and you want to share a group photo."

- Saijo George of 1800PocketPC

"There is a cool new way to share pictures on your Windows Phone thanks to flick+share.  It is really simple to use..."

- Antonio Hernandez of WP7Connect


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